Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Zeytatti Extra Virgin olive oil is a combination of experience, passion, and years of effort all put together in one bottle. We select the finest olives (Sourani and Ayrouni) from North Lebanon region to be cold-pressed by stone mill only few hours after harvesting ;therefore, preserving the natural antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that promotes healthy cholesterol levels.From the tree to the stone, Zeytatti is characterized by its rich flavor, intense aroma, and thick texture.

Our olive oil undergoes high quality controls during production, storage and distribution, allowing us to adapt to all specifications and regulations in any country worldwide.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is at the heart of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. It is ideal for cooking, salad dressing, shallow frying, stewing and is a key ingredient for many other Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Zeytatti Extra Virgin olive oil has:

  • Low Acidity (below %0.8)
  • Rich and Fruity flavor
  • High Polyphenol Concentration
  • Low Peroxide Levels

Watch our video to see how its made step by step the traditional way Cold Pressed Olive Oil by Zeytatti РHow is it made