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Our Story

The Beginning
The Production
The Return
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Sheikh Yousef Estephan, first minister of Interior in Lebanon, establishes one of the first stone-press extraction mills for olive oil in North Lebanon.
In his hometown Kfarsghab, oil production becomes a proud legacy and a way-of-life. EVOO is exported from the tiny village in Lebanon to major European countries.
After years of instability in the beloved country, the Estephan family decide to return to their homeland to revive their family business and village bonding.
With years of inherited know-how, Zeytatti becomes the ‘olive oil of choice’ for numerous restaurants, hotels, caterers and households in Lebanon.
Zeytatti can be purchased in various bulk quantities and specs, to any destination. Focusing on export, we are ready to spread our wings to any international market.


What We Do

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Zeytatti oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting its juice with no additives or adulteration. Its purely Raw & Unfiltered.

Table Olives

Table Olives

Our table olives, green or black, are traditionally made with just water and sea salt. They are a must-have in every Mediterranean cuisine.

Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

Our natural home-made soap is made with %100 olive oil with no coloring or fragrances. A highly moisturizing soap for every day use.

New Products

  • Extra Virgin Unfiltered “Tin”

  • Pure Olive Oil “Tin”

  • Pure Olive Oil

  • Unfiltered EVOO

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Health Benefits


Boosts Heart Health

EVOO will help lower blood pressure and keep your arteries from hardening


Lowers Stroke Risk

Replacing less healthy fats with olive oil lowers chance of stroke by %40


Boosts Your Brain

Studies show that EVOO will help you think, understand, and remember better


Fights Inflammation

Certain antioxidants in EVOO can reduce inflammation in your body


Prevents Cancer

The elements in olive oil can decrease the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.


Zaps Bacteria

Compounds in olive oil help destroy harmful bacteria in the stomach

Visit us during harvesting season and indulge yourself with a fascinating tour of traditional olive oil production!